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2nd choice

In the 2nd choice category, you have the opportunity to purchase products that were not classified 1st choice by our quality control in Berlin. The "flaws" can be manifold and naturally occur more frequently in hand woven products than in those from machine production. All 2nd choice products are functionally flawless. The reason for the 2nd choice rating is merely optical, which to a certain extent lies in the eye of the beholder - sometimes a 2nd choice product is even more beautiful than the one first choice, since the color scheme is truly unique.

2nd choice includes the following "flaws": visible stripes, small holes, color deviations

Please keep in mind that the boundaries between 1st choice and 2nd choice products are always fluid. While it is clear for some flaws (a hole always makes a product second choice), the assessment of web flaws is always a balancing act in which several questions come into play: Which kind of flaw? Does it affect the whole product? Is it visible on both sides?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to photograph the individual flaw per product. Also, it is not possible to find out which defect the selected product will have. Of course you have the right of withdrawal as with all other products - but you can not complain because of the flaw that made us rate the product 2nd choice.

2. Wahl MySol Atlantico2. Wahl Rainbow Dreamer2. Wahl MySol Tulumorange-muster-tragetuch2. Wahl Rainbow Fischgrat
2nd choice

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different edges

Tragetuch Tulum
2nd choice Babysling Tulum
from 99,00 € 79,20 €
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Graphit Tragetuch
2nd choice Babysling Graphit
from 81,00 € 64,80 €
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2. Wahl Tragetuch Atlantico
2nd choice Babysling Atlantico
from 94,00 € 75,20 €
VAT included, plus shipping costs
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MySol Simple Black
MySol Simple Black 2nd choice
from 114,00 € 91,20 €
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