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Net Hammock from Mexico - Aqua
Netzhängematte aus Mexiko - Aqua

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Net Hammock from Mexico - Aqua

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Details | Net Hammock from Mexico - Aqua

Net Hammock in color Aqua: Turquoise / Azure / Dark Blue

The classic Maya hammock from Mexico is artfully hand-woven from many thin cotton threads to form a fine and supportive net.

The distinctive feature of net hammocks compared to usual hammocks with a “bed” of cloth: The close-knit and elastic net adapts perfectly to the body. This gives you excellent lying comfort - guaranteed!
The cotton threads are intertwined into an airy and light, but stable net. The suspension is made from sturdy polyester threads. In hot climates, the net hammock scores with its airiness. And there is more to it: With its small pack size and weight, the Mexican net hammock they are ideal for traveling.

You can lie in a hammock lengthwise or across its width, but they are most comfortable in a diagonal position, as it provides the most room and support especially in a net hammock. Particularly people suffering from back and joint pains often report some relief, when sleeping diagonally in a hammock.

Our net hammocks are made in Yucatan, Mexico.

+ airy
+ super comfortable thanks to the net adapting perfectly to the body
+ lightweight
+ small pack size

- more delicate than cloth hammocks: something can get caught in the mesh
- The suspension can become tangled if the hammock is not used properly.
- Not suitable for babies, toddlers and pets

Country of origin: Mexico


The net hammocks come in three sizes:
- for one person: single hammock
- for two or three people: double hammock
- for three or more people: king-size hammock


1 person/

single hammock

2-3 persons/

double hammock

3 + persons/

kingsize hammock


Bed Length

app. 2,05 m

app. 2,10 m

app. 2,50 m

Bed Width

app. 3,50 m

app. 3,50 m

app. 4,20 m


app. 850 g

app. 1350 g

app. 1850 g


bed: 100% cotton

suspension: polyester

bed: 100% cotton

suspension: polyester

bed: 100% cotton

suspension: polyester

Weight carrying capacity

200 kg

300 kg

400 kg

Required minimum distance

2,50 m

2,50 m

2,50 m


65,00 €

85,00 €

105,00 €