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Payment options:

At the checkout, you have the option to pay via advance payment (banktransfer), PayPal, credit card and debit entry. Debit entry and credit card are PayPal plus services, for which no PayPal account is necessary.
Also, you can pay in our Berlin shop when you pick up your order there. Payment options are cash payment, EC-card, credit card.

Shipping companies and shipping costs:

Within the EU we ship carbon-neutrally with DHL, for all other countries we work with FedEx. With receipt of payment until 12.00 noon we ship on the same day. Except for ringslings, since we have them sewn for you individually (especially when you choose a certain ring color).

Free delivery within Germany on all orders over 70 Euro.

Below 70 Euro, the following shipping costs apply:

Within the EU, shipping costs are 4,99 Euro for all packages.

For worldwide shipping (NON EU) we charge a flat-rate of 15 Euro (net).

We ship worldwide, but our flat-rate shipping charge covers only a small part of the shipping costs. For financial reasons we are unable to ship to all countries outside the EU for our shipping and handling charge of 15 €.

So if you do not find your country in the drop-down menu at checkout, please contact us: Then we will calculate the individual shipping costs for your order. We promise that we will not charge you more than we have pay.

Express shipping:

Outside of Germany, you have the option to choose express delivery for an additional fee of 10 Euro. Within the EU, Switzerland and the USA, it takes usually 1 - 2 days from dispatch to be delivered to you. For all other countries, please contact us for the estimated delivery time.

There will be no shipping on holidays of the state of Berlin and on 24.12. and 31.12.!

Quick view:

Zone A

SCExpressDelivery timeExpressWeight
4,50 €-1-3 working days-10000g
1,55 €-1-3 working days-150g

Countries: Germany

Zone B

SCExpressDelivery timeExpressWeight
4,99 €+10,00 €2-5 working days1-3 working days10000g

Countries: Akrotiri, Andorra, Azores, Balearic Islands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Faeroe Islands, Finland, France, Greece, Greenland, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Canary Islands, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Macedonia, Monaco, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, United Kingdom, Wales, Cyprus

Zone C

SCExpressDelivery timeExpressWeight
18,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days1000g
19,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days1500g
20,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days2000g
21,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days2500g


Zone D

SCExpressDelivery timeExpressWeight
29,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days1000g
31,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days1500g
34,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days2000g
36,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days2500g


Zone E

SCExpressDelivery timeExpressWeight
37,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days1000g
42,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days1500g
47,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days2000g


Zone F

SCExpressDelivery timeExpressWeight
40,00 €+10,00 €Auf AnfrageAuf Anfrage1000g
47,00 €+10,00 €Auf AnfrageAuf Anfrage1500g
53,00 €+10,00 €Auf AnfrageAuf Anfrage2000g


Zone G

SCExpressDelivery timeExpressWeight
48,00 €+10,00 €Auf AnfrageAuf Anfrage1000g
55,00 €+10,00 €Auf AnfrageAuf Anfrage1500g
63,00 €+10,00 €Auf AnfrageAuf Anfrage2000g


Zone H

SCExpressDelivery timeExpressWeight
53,00 €+25,00 €Auf AnfrageAuf Anfrage1000g
62,00 €+25,00 €Auf AnfrageAuf Anfrage1500g
71,00 €+25,00 €Auf AnfrageAuf Anfrage2000g


Zone I

SCExpressDelivery timeExpressWeight
36,00 €+10,00 €Auf AnfrageAuf Anfrage1000g
41,00 €+10,00 €Auf AnfrageAuf Anfrage1500g
46,00 €+10,00 €Auf AnfrageAuf Anfrage2000g


Zone J

SCExpressDelivery timeExpressWeight
30,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days1000g
32,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days1500g
35,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days2000g
38,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days2500g
4,00 €+4,50 €6-9 working days3-5 working days300g


Zone K

SCExpressDelivery timeExpressWeight
18,00 €+10,00 €5-6 working days3-4 working days1000g
19,00 €+10,00 €5-6 working days3-4 working days1500g
20,00 €+10,00 €5-6 working days3-4 working days2000g
21,00 €+10,00 €5-6 working days3-4 working days2500g


Zone L

SCExpressDelivery timeExpressWeight
30,00 €+10,00 €5-6 working days3-4 working days1000g
32,00 €+10,00 €5-6 working days3-4 working days1500g
34,00 €+10,00 €5-6 working days3-4 working days2000g
36,00 €+10,00 €5-6 working days3-4 working days2500g


Zone M

SCExpressDelivery timeExpressWeight
18,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days1000g
20,00 €+10,00 €4-5 working days1-2 working days2000g


Zone N

SCExpressDelivery timeExpressWeight
15,00 €+10,00 €4-8 working days1-4 working days100000g
5,00 €-4-10 working days-150g

Countries: Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Australia, Benin, Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba, Bonin Islands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Burkina Faso, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Dominica, Ecuador, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Society Islands, Ghana, Gibraltar, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guam, Guatemala, Guinea, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Iraq, Iceland, Israel, Yemen, Jordan, Cayman Islands, Kaliningrad, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Cape Verde, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Kiribati, Colombia, Kongo (Brazzaville), Kongo (Kinshasa), Korea (South), Kosovo, Kuwait, Laos, Lesotho, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Macao, Madagascar, Morocco, Marshall Islands, Martinique, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mexico, Micronesia, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro , Monserrat, Myanmar, Namibia, Nauru, Nepal, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Niue, Norway, Oman, Paraguay, Peru, Russia, Sabah, Samoa, San Marino, Sarawak, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Serbia , Serbia and Montenegro, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Togo, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Chad, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan, Belarus

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