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Unfortunately, a design can not be created on a mobile device. Please use a desktop PC, laptop or tablet. Thank you.

Garne Girasol

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Double weft


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About the designer:

We have been working with hand-woven textiles from Guatemala for over 30 years and are still absolutely enthusiastic about the wonderful colors of the traditional weaving patterns and color combinations.

In addition to the traditional patterns of the highland Maya from Guatemala, which flow into our production, we are constantly developing new brightly colored designs for our wraps, ring slings and baby carriers. In addition, we also weave designs of our customers, the Girasol Exclusives.

We use a wide range of colors and thus open up countless design options regarding the selection and combination of colors, as well as the arrangement of the stripe pattern. Wonderful and manifold possibilities, but maybe also a bit overwhelming ...

With the help of our resourceful programmer, we have developed a virtual "design machine" which makes it easy to try out ideas for a design, to play with the possibilities of color design and thus to create your exclusive design.

Our weavers convert your design into a unique textile in the desired weave with one or more weft colours (which have a significant effect on the tint of the pattern). Thus you can create an exclusive design for your baby carrier, sling, ring sling, bag or many more.

Since the original colors cannot be exactly reproduced on the monitor, we recommend to purchase our yarn colour chart. The price (42, - €) will be credited when ordering the design.

Have fun trying out, creating and designing a unique and exclusive textile!

How to create a design:

Our design tool helps you to create your very own Exclusive design from our colour palette of 46 colours - for your babywearing group wrap, your MySol or wrap fabric by the meter.

Before you start, we recommend to order our colour chart. Colours on a computer screen may be very different from the reality depending on the screen settings. With the colour chart in your hands you are sure to get the wrap design you are aiming at.

The price of the colour chart will be fully refunded when you place an order!

First, you decide on a weave. The options are: twill, diamond, herringbone and honeycomb.

You need some information on the characteristics and benefits of each weave? Find out here!

You like a more supportive wrap? Then a double weft might be the best choice for you.

Now, you can give your project a name. After that a window appears, in which you create your design stripe by stripe with the colours from the palette displayed.

Move the cursor on the colour you like and the name of the colour will be shown together with the number of threads (=width of the stripe). You have to choose at least two threads. For your orientation: 1 cm equals about 18 threads.

For a width of 75 cm (wrap of 70 cm plus seams) the weaver inserts 1368 threads into the loom. This means you can choose a maximum of 684 colour/ yarn pairs.

Step by step you complete your design by clicking colour and count of threads in the preview window.

The small red hatched areas at the edges of the preview window are not visible in the woven wrap since these are the seamed rails of the wrap. This is not the case with wrap fabric by the meter which is not hemmed.

In the chart "Distribution" you can choose the different products (e.g. wrap, MySol, buckle belt and/or wrap fabric) as well as the weft colour(s).

When you select a product you see the quantity of fabric required (minimum order 114 m) as well as the price. Thus both order process and final price are clear and transparent.

Have a look at our standard wrap Alegria. Here you can see how much the weft colour influences the tint of the woven fabric.

This is how the wrap looks as a design in our tool

screenshot - 20_03

Here you can see how much the different weft colours and weaves change the look of the wrap:


Alegria Schüsse

When you have a look at the picture below, on the left you see the wrap with cuervo weft in twill weave:

Alegria cuervo

In the middle, there is the wrap with crema de nube weft in twill weave:

Alegria crema de nube

The wrap on the right, has a fusion d'oro weft in diamond weave:

Alegria fusion d'oro

What happens next?
We contact you within 48 hours and tell you the approximate delivery time. Delivery time usually is two months. If there are no more questions, we send you a binding order confirmation and ask for a deposit of 50%. Then we pass on your design to our weaver.

What about the prices?
Our standard weave is cross twill.  The other weaves - diamond, herringbone and honeycomb - are a bit more intricate to weave and therefore cost 10% more.
A double weft requires considerably more material and preparation time, so we have to charge a surcharge of 20%.
The preparation of the yarns and the loom for the actual weaving process is very time consuming. For a design with very many or thin stripes the effort is higher. Starting from 40 stripes in the pattern, there is a surcharge of 5%, from 300 strips the surcharge increases to 10% of the basic price.

Have fun experimenting and creating new designs!